Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today, Sam turned five years old. Seems like not that long ago, I brought my little 5 lb, 14 oz. bundle home from the hospital, and here he is now, such a big boy. Such a good helper in so many ways. Making strides every day in improving his attitude and doing better with obedience. Always flashing us that infectious grin and giggling uproariously at the craziest things. He's a special little man and I am so glad God chose to put him into our family!

We will have his cake and ice cream party tomorrow night with my parents, but tonight we stuck a candle in a cookie and sang to him. :)
And let him open one present . . . a new Thomas and friends DVD! As he said, "This is JUST what I wanted!!!" (He saw it at Sam's Club recently and couldn't stop talking about it. :))
Happy Birthday, Sam! We love you!!!


mindee said...

Happy Birthday, Sam! :)

Samara said...

Happy Birthday Sam! You and my son have the same taste in TV, apparently- Thomas & Bob, Thomas & Bob... :)

Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your big boy!