Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ahhhh . . . Spring.

It's almost here! Robins are back, snow is melting, and today is in the mid-high 60s. All three kids are outside soaking up some Vitamin D. Which reminds me, did you know all us New Hampshirites are sadly Vitamin D deficient? At least that's what they tell me at the pediatrician's office. Actually, I'm sure there's some truth to that . . . but I still find it a little silly that they now want to give infants Vitamin D supplements (which I politely declined) because "they don't get enough otherwise." I think it's interesting how breastmilk is the perfect food for babies, but *oops!*--God forgot to put enough Vitamin D in it . . . not to mention iron! And of course we don't want to let our babies get too much sun, either, because of all the "risks." I hope you know that I do take our kids' health seriously. :) I just think that we need to have a balance in everything--not getting too paranoid about sun, or lack of Vit. D, or whatever the newest thing is that we're supposed to "worry" about.

Anyway, end of rabbit trail . . . here are some pictures from a few weeks ago, on another day that was really nice and sunny, though not as warm as it is today. We don't have as much snow left now, either. Thankfully!
Jim was working on cutting trim for the kitchen backsplash

And Josiah wasn't sure if being outside was much fun . . .

But Sam and Julia tried to help him see that yes, it really IS fun!
Because as you can see, they are two peas in a pod and love to play outside as much as possible!!
We are so thankful for the promise of Spring!!! And I hope that you all are getting to enjoy some lovely warm weather these days, too!


Rachel said...

Wow - you still have quite a bit of snow! I know that you are looking forward to spring and it's right around the corner for you all:). I love Josiah's little poochie lip - so cute.

I have a hard time with pediatricians who push starting solids early because of the iron argument. I didn't start Marcus until he was over 8 months old. When they tested his iron, it was perfect. I FINALLY saw another pediatrician who supported me 100% in my choice to delay solids - what a relief! He is also a Christian which is such a blessing:).

Mrs.T said...

Such fun! Sam and Julia were obviously enjoying themselves no end!