Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Countdown--December 18/19

Now we are really in the home stretch!! I'm still plugging away on projects; hopefully everything will get done, and even if it doesn't, I know we'll all survive. :) Yesterday I got a lot done on Jim's present, which is a bathrobe (he knows about it, so no big deal if he happens to read this). I'm embarrassed to admit it was supposed to be his present last year, but alas, I bit off more than I could chew and never came close to finishing it. But I *think* I will get it done this time. The major things left are the sleeves and the hem, so I'm getting close! One of our Amazon packages arrived yesterday, too, so that was a blessing. Interestingly, the second package that shipped arrived first!

Today I didn't get a lot done toward Christmas, but I did work on another gift for our nieces--Betsy McCall paper dolls printed out from this site. I printed out some from the 1950s and they are sooo cute. Hope they will like them! My sister and I loved paper dolls when we were kids, so I imagine they would be a hit with most girls . . .

Here's hoping tomorrow is a very productive day. I still need to make fudge and chex mix, finish Jim's robe, and wrap everything!! And buy stocking stuffers, but I probably won't do that till next week. I think we will stay in tomorrow and stay cozy. We're in the midst of another snowstorm right now. Jim has to work tomorrow--he's trying to hurry and finish a roofing job, but the rest of us won't be going out! Well, actually, I hope the older two kids WILL go out and play, and give me a few minutes peace and quiet . . . :) We will see.

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