Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Countdown--December 17

Today was a pretty good day! I finished the ponchos--yay! Here's a picture of all four of them:
The two pink ones are for the littler nieces, Emily and Ruth, and the other two (which unfortunately came out really dark in the picture) are for the older nieces, Sarah and Kenzie. These were very easy and fun to make and I hope to make one for Julia soon--probably after Christmas, though! Here is a closer picture of the blanket stitching on Ruth's:I had never done blanket stitching before, but I found it to be very easy to figure out.

I also finished up another handmade gift that the kids helped with, which I can't say more about here because it is for someone who reads the blog. :) And I mixed up another double batch of dough for molasses crinkles, which is chilling in the fridge. Another present arrived via UPS today, too!

Supper tonight is crockpot lasagna and a loaf of Italian bread, which I had in the freezer. So it feels good to have that prepared ahead of time. :)

It snowed most of the day, so we have probably 4-5" of fresh powder. Which is beautiful, but not so fun on the driveway, which was already a sheet of ice from all the rain we got over the weekend. Jim got the truck stuck trying to plow, so I helped him get it out (he had to pull it out with the tractor while I steered the truck), and now he is plowing with the tractor instead, and then will sand it so hopefully it won't be so treacherous. (We live on a hill, which is why our driveway tends to get rather scary in the winter.) Sam was pretty good today, aside from a few incidents--one of which was dumping a bucket of snow on Julia's head while they were playing outside. What a little angel. :)

Well, I suppose I better go fold laundry now--everyone is happy for the moment, so I should use the time to get something else done!


Alicia said...

Nice work, lady! I bet your nieces will love those snuggly ponchos. I've never done a blanket stitch either . . . you'll have to enlighten me when I want to learn. Crockpot lasagna sounds so very easy! I did a huge turkey potpie tonight so we'd have an easy leftovers supper tomorrow night.

Mrs.T said...

The ponchos came out so nice, Carrie!

I got 3 batches of cookies made today -- sacher tortes, praline cookies, and almond raspberry shortbread. Pretty good, especially since I had to spend the afternoon out of the house. Went Christmas caroling this evening at a nursing home... Worked for just a bit on an embroidered dish towel after getting home.

Hoping for a productive day tomorrow!

Joanne said...

We had lasagna for supper as well, but not the crock pot recipe. We actually made two and froze one for a later date. I forgot to get the bread started early enough and it was too hot to cut at supper time so we had crispy oven fries instead. They're always a huge hit around here!

Our Christmas preparations consisted of more work on the doll as well as a couple more Christmas cards.

The ponchos look lovely. I'm sure Ruth will love hers! She loves to have us wrap small blankets around her shoulders like a shawl. And this will be much easier and prettier than the blankets!