Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Countdown--December 16

Today was a no-good, very bad day! Well, not all of it. :) Let's just say I had some issues with my strong-willed oldest child, which tested my patience severely and had me in tears by the day's end! Days like this make me feel like the worst mommy in the world, and like I have the most difficult child in the world too . . . but I think everyone has days like that from time to time, right? Please? Tell me I'm not alone?! :) And it always seems to happen just when things have been moving along smoothly and behavior has been really good for quite a while. Oh well, at least tomorrow is a "new day, with no mistakes in it yet," to quote Anne of Green Gables! And a nice hot bubble bath after the kids went to bed considerably improved my outlook. :)

Aside from the attitude/behavior stuff, other parts of my day were great. I got 2 presents finished except for sewing a decorative button on each one. These are fleece ponchos for my nieces, and I'll post pictures when they're done since I don't think any of my nieces read the blog. Well, as far as I know only one of them has learned to read yet, anyway! :) I received an email from Amazon telling me that the remainder of our order from last Thursday has shipped and should be here by the end of the week--hip hip, hooray!! Two more presents arrived in the mail. And I've pretty much kept up with the dishes!

I also found another great site that I've got to share. Earlier today, my sis-in-law sent me a link to this post and I thought the felt cupcake was adorable. Continuing to think along the lines of play food, I did a search and found this fabulous shop full of handmade felt food--and it's all made in USA. They even make kits so you can sew some of your own more inexpensively! I am thinking I may just have to start crafting and make some of this stuff for Julia's birthday.
What could be better than wooden play food and felt play food that all looks way more attractive than plastic! Now if only Julia is as fascinated with them as I am . . . :D

And now I am off to bed. I really need sleep; I feel ready to crash and burn out if I don't start getting to bed at a decent time! I'm praying tomorrow will be a calmer, more normal day, and that I'll get lots done. Hope you all do, too!!


Joanne said...

The play food looks great!

Joanne said...

I was looking at the play food again, with Ruth sitting on my lap. If her reaction was any indication, she loved it!

Mrs.T said...

Oh, so sorry to hear you had a tough day! Can I ever relate to strong-willed children!!!! All I can do is pray... and I will definitely do that.

Yesterday I managed to complete 2 handmade gifts and made good progress on a third. Got all of the fudge cut, wrapped, and in cold storage. Made 10 little loaves of apricot cake, and a batch of Charleston Cherry Bars. I think that's all toward Christmas, but I felt as if quite a bit was accomplished.

Hope you have a happier day today!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone with the strong-willed child thing. I've been having a much easier time, recently, but I am completely sympathetic. I have ended the day in tears many, MANY times.

I hope you get all Christmas prep finished. I love the fake food. We bought some plastic stuff for our boys' kitchen (not only girls pretend to cook). I wish I had gotten the felt and wood ones. They are SO much prettier.


Rachel said...

Oh my! I should have called you yesterday!! I had a day full of many visits to Michael's room for many corrections. Praise the Lord for His grace to deal with our precious little heathens! Today has been better although I about lost it at one point. It doesn't help that I am under the weather and more tired than normal. I thank God for His forgiveness for when I fail. It's funny, I have not met you in person but you seem like someone who would never raise her voice or get upset:). It's nice to know that we are all human, isn't it? I hope that you are having a much better day today:).

P.S. Your mom's comment is rather humorous;).

Samara said...

It's funny that you mentioned the felt food- that's what I've been making for my son and his age-mates this year for Christmas. It's really easy & fun to make, too!

Carrie said...

Thanks everyone, for the comments!

Rachel, yes, my mom's comment was funny. :) Because I happen to know which child she was talking about--ME. Hmmm, wonder where Sam gets it? :) And unfortunately, yes, I am one who does raise my voice and get upset sometimes! I think my blog generally reflects the happier moments and I am generally pretty laid back, but I want to share about the stressful times sometimes too, because mommy life isn't all roses. :)

Susanne, I thought you would be able to relate too. :) That's one reason I love your blog--you keep it very real!

Samara, that is so cool that you're making play food! Are you making it up as you go along or did you get patterns or kits to use? I'd love to hear more--maybe you could blog about it (hint hint!). :)

Samara said...

Ha ha! I will blog about it as soon as I have a spare moment.

TwoMuths said...

I'm catching up - can you tell? that felt food is adorable! I'm sure Aaron would love it too. he's starting to get into pretend play, and it is fun to watch. NOT so fun to watch are our rough days. Thankfully, not every day is that way! It's good to be able to hold each other up, for sure!