Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Band of Liberty Concert

Our Fourth of July week got off to a good start last night! We went to see the USAF Band of Liberty, which my cousin Mickey plays clarinet in. We had gone to their Christmas concert back in early December, but this was even better. And being outdoors made it nicer for the kids when they got wiggly, too. :) We had a wonderful time and it was a really good concert. A trio called the "American Belles" performed with them, and sang a lot of Andrews Sisters songs from the 1940s. It was a lot of fun, and we came away feeling very patriotic!

A not-too-good shot of the band and the American Belles
Julia was entertaining the people behind us. :)
Another view of the band
With my cousin Mickey after the concert.
Someone down the road is shooting off fireworks tonight. I think we will take the kids to a parade tomorrow, and then hopefully to some fireworks tomorrow night. We also plan to have a cookout with my parents for lunch. Should be a fun day! Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July!!


Alicia said...

That concert sounds awesome!!!! I bet the USAF band was incredible. And I adore the andrews' sisters music - what fun!

Mary Ann said...

I bet the concert was fabulous. Military bands are great! I've had the opportunity to hear them play at Pearl Harbor a couple of times. You're right about it being even better when the concert is outside!

Carrie said...

Alicia, yes it was so much fun! And I love the Andrews sisters, too. Especially with Bing!

Mary Ann, hearing military bands at Pearl Harbor would be extra special!! I hope someday to make it to Hawaii and get to visit Pearl Harbor myself. My aunt just went there this past spring and I loved seeing all her pics of the experience.