Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Front Entry--Day 2

Today I moved the large mats in front of the doors and vacuumed up all the grit underneath them. Then I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the whole entry (Mom, you should be proud!). I very rarely scrub floors on my hands and knees, although my mom says that is the only way to do it. :) After that, I went over the floor again with my Sh-Mop, for good measure. I was glad I did; there was still more dirt that it picked up! I also used it on the rubber backing of the floor mats, which were pretty gritty, and I gave the mats a good vacuuming on the top. I rearranged all the bags that "live" in the entry--diaper bags, purse, etc. and a few other miscellaneous things. No picture today . . . since I didn't think a floor picture would be all that interesting. :) I haven't cleaned the French doors yet, as today is NOT a sunshiney day. (We are getting a lovely spring snowstorm.) Hopefully we will get sun and warm weather (the best kind of day for washing windows) before this week is over. That is the biggest thing I have left to do in the entry.

Here are my goals for the rest of the week's challenge:

*Organize all the coats and outside gear in the back entry
*Vacuum and mop the back entry
*Clean the windows in French doors and the back entry door
*Put away some of the winter clothes in the back entry closet
*Straighten up all the stuff on the deck


Carrie said...

I really did want to join your challenge but I know I can't do it every day I try to do one a week right now (although that one kithen counter has to keep getting decluttered.) I have also had plenty visitors in and teen activities here (one today, one Sat). I clean for those but don't want to make too big of a mess (got to make a mess to clean it up is my motto.) Mike and I did clean the garage this week and I scrubbed all the kitchen counter tops. Ironed two weeks worth of clothing as well as my normal cleaning. Keep up the good work!

Mrs.T said...

Wow -- I AM proud!(So proud of you, as FlyLady would say!) Good for you!

Here are my puny accomplishments:

* Washed 1 of 3 dining room windows (just the inside -- as you said, we're having a spring snowstorm.)

* Took everything off the baker's rack, cleaned it, and rearranged the stuff.

* Washed and dried the mugs and sugar/creamer that live on the baker's rack

* Sorted through a pile of stuff and threw some things away

And that may be about it!

Mindee said...

Good job! I've decided to join the challenge and flylady, too. Today I did the following in the dining room:

~Scrubbed all the chairs and table wih Murphy's Oil Soap.

~Washed the floor with Murphy's (on my hands and knees, too--yikes, it's been a while!).

~Washed the walls.

~Washed the curtains and hung them back up.

~Washed the inside of the window.

I still need to tackle the hutch and a bookshelf. Hopefully that can happen tomorrow!

Mrs.T said...

Go Mindee!

FlyLady's system just makes so much sense to me -- it's the only thing I've ever tried for home management that has worked over the long haul.