Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Entry and Dining Area--Day 3

Here's part of what I did today:

Thanks to Mindee's list of what she accomplished, I remembered that I needed to scrub my table top to bottom! After that, I went over the whole thing with lemon oil. I also scrubbed the floor underneath it; I think that takes care of the dining area! The other thing I did was to reorganize all the winter coats/hats/mittens/gloves, and work clothes in our back entry. It's coming along. Hoping I can keep the energy level high, and finish all I want to by Saturday!


Mrs.T said...

I didn't get a LOT done on this day, but did get a few things done:

* Took everything out of the bottom 2 shelves of my corner cupboard, washed the shelves, threw away some stuff, found new homes for other things, and neatly replaced the rest. Also washed up a pitcher and teapot that needed it.

* Cleaned the glass in the top part of the same cupboard. I'll tackle those shelves Friday.

Mindee's list was a good reminder to me too about the table and chairs. While I was sitting on the floor cleaning the bottom shelves, I had a good view of the dining room chairs and realized I, too, need to tackle that task. It's on my list for today!

mindee said...

Now, were you like me and didn't want anyone eating on the table after you were finished? :)

Today I went through the hutch and reorganized it, throwing away some things, and cleaned the drawers inside and out. I also wiped down the glass shelves and dusted/washed the pottery and glassware on them. This took me longer than I thought, so I'm saving the bookshelf for another day. It's the last thing in my dining room to do!