Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Eve

We arrived home from our trip early on Sunday afternoon. Usually we drive straight through, but partway into our drive on Saturday, we discovered that the truck was leaking transmission fluid. We decided to stay overnight in Albany so Jim could take a better look at the leak in the morning. We ended up at a motel called the Red Carpet Inn, which was quite comfortable and had reasonable rates. It was nice to get a pretty good night's sleep instead of driving all night! We were able to make it home alright; we just had to keep adding transmission fluid as we went.

Anyway . . . we got home, unpacked the truck, relaxed for a while, and then went over to my parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner and a few presents. We will do the rest of the present-opening when my sister and family are here in Feb. We had a nice time with my parents and my brother and his family. Again, I hardly took any pics--but here are a couple cute ones:

Julia unwraps a present with Daddy's help

Our nieces, Sarah and Kenzie, with Grandpa (my dad)

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