Thursday, June 30, 2005

This and That

We had an adventure last night--not exactly the most fun adventure ever, but an adventure, nonetheless. We borrowed my dad's truck to go look at an upright freezer that we had seen advertised in the local paper. About 5 minutes before we got to the exit we were supposed to take, the truck started not wanting to run. It had plenty of gas, but it just kept coughing and sputtering and had no power. After pulling over, shutting it off, and looking under the hood for a few minutes, Jim was mystified as to what the problem could be. Started it back up, and it ran fine for a few more miles, then did the same thing again. Fortunately we were able to limp along to the exit, then it was all downhill from the exit to a gas station another mile down the road. Several phone calls and almost 2 hours later, our good friend the mechanic was there to tow us home. Then my brother (who we had also called, but he wasn't home) caught up with us just as we got on the highway, so I was able to get into his truck along with Sam, which was nice because in our friend's truck, I was going to have to sit on Jim all the way home. We have yet to find out what is wrong with the truck, but needless to say, our evening didn't turn out as planned, and we didn't come home with a freezer! We decided maybe we just aren't meant to get that particular one. :) (Dad, if you're reading this, sorry! We didn't do anything, I promise!! I think that truck just doesn't like us, though. Every time we use it something goes wrong with it!)

I did get my fridge all cleaned out yesterday. It's so nice and neat in there now! Here's a picture of the result:
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Now I need to start on the freezer, hopefully today or tomorrow!

Today we received the jogging stroller that my aunt in Florida had sent up for us. I put it together while Sam watched and kept trying to climb in it to try it out. It's very nice and sturdy; can't wait to try it out!! I love that it has a drink holder that attaches to the handle, and plenty of storage space underneath. I don't think I'll actually do much jogging with it, not being a very good runner! But it will be awesome for using on our dirt road.

A little while before the mail lady came, I was reading to Sam on the couch, and happened to notice something on our front steps. To my surprise, there was a woodchuck peering through our screen door! I got Sam's attention and he noticed it just as it hopped off the steps. Sam jumped off my lap and headed over to the door, woofing as he went. :) The woodchuck stayed by the steps for a few minutes as we watched, then dashed under the Suburban, and I haven't seen it since. It probably took off when the mail lady drove in.

Well, I really should go and try to accomplish something while Sam is asleep. Here's another picture of him, in his first experience feeding himself spaghetti last week! He really liked it! :)
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