Monday, June 13, 2005

10th Reunion and Random Musings

Well, I had a nice time, albeit a very late night, at my 10 year highschool reunion. It was a bit disappointing that out of a class of 20, only 4 of us showed up! Besides me, there was a couple who graduated together and later married, and another guy (who is now married to a girl who graduated with my sister). The other couple brought along their 6 week old baby; so we had fun comparing children. :) It's hard to remember when Sam was that small! Between the four of us, we knew a lot of what was going on with others from our class . . . many are married and have one or more kids, some are still single, some are working on furthering their education (think Ph.D.s), one graduated from Harvard Law School, some are working toward becoming (or already are) pastors, some are full time stay-at-home moms, and then there are about a half dozen or so that none of us knows what has become of them. Hopefully we can promote our 15 year reunion a little more, and have a few more show up for it! It was fun to listen to the tape that we made at our senior breakfast and see how many of our future plans that we had then, did or didn't come to pass.

I enjoyed getting to see many of the faculty and staff who are still there, and getting to introduce them to Sam, as well as seeing some other alumni that I know from other classes. All in all it was a nice time, and I'm glad we got to go.

Hot and Humid

We've been enduring a heat wave here with very high humidity; the kind that makes you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Which is why I'm sitting here in front of the computer, with the front door wide open, trying to catch even the tiniest breeze through the screen door. Oh, I can't wait to move! At our new house it's quite a bit cooler, being in the woods. We didn't get a single thing done there this weekend. We did go over and relax, but it was just too hot and sticky to get up any ambition to work. We filled up a big metal tub thing that Jim aquired somewhere with water, and let Sam splash around in it. It's big enough for Jim to sit in, so he cooled off, too, while I sat in a camp chair with my feet and legs in it. It did help cool us down. Later we grilled some sausages and ate leftover pasta salad for supper.

It's so strange to have gone from a month of cool, rainy weather, to what feels like August.

I don't want to take the time to upload any pictures right now, but maybe later in the week. I'm afraid this entry isn't extremely entertaining; I guess my brain is fried from the heat! Maybe I'll be able to be more creative in a few days. :)

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