Monday, May 02, 2005

Trying to Fly

If any of the rest of you are like me, maybe you occasionally feel like you're behind in your housework. Or you just never feel like doing it . . . :) Me too! A few years ago I heard of the Flylady system of keeping up with your home, so I checked out her website ( ). It actually works really well when I stick with it, which hasn't been often since having Sam! It all starts with a shiny sink. It has to do with developing and maintaining habits, or routines, to keep life running smoothly and with less chaos. Flylady defines C.H.A.O.S. as "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome". :) Probably we've all been there . . . I know I have . . . unless, of course, you had the good fortune to be "born organized!" Anyway, today I'm once again attempting to Fly, doing work in this week's zone, which is the front porch/entryway. Since I don't have a front porch, only a front step, I swept and scrubbed that area, then shook out the doormat and washed the front door on both sides, including the window. I also straightened up all the shoes that live in the entryway, right beside the front door. I'm also proud to report that my sink is empty, and as shiny as a brown, 1965-era sink can get. :) Well, actually, I think I've had it shining more, but at least it is currently rinsed out and clean. Now if I can just start maintaining some of these habits. Even though it really should be easier to keep up with the housework in a 10 x 50 trailer (and it is in some ways), I've found that it is definitely harder to keep a small space looking neat. Just a few things out of place, and BAM--it looks like a huge mess. The thing that bugs me most is when the floor is dirty. Somehow just keeping the floors cleaned makes everything look a lot better.

A Bear Tale

Yesterday evening we went over to our new house and had a campfire. We missed another night of church, because the nursery workers in the morning service were concerned that Sam might have a fever, and said it would probably be best if we kept him home that night. I truly don't think he had a fever; he was warm, and sweaty, but he gets that way just from playing or sleeping quite often. He was completely cooled down by the time we got home and didn't get heated up again the rest of the day, but we kept him home anyway.

Well, we made a campfire and roasted hotdogs, and had some other junk food along with them--a very healthy supper! :) Sam sat in his stroller and seemed to enjoy the fire, and being outside. I gave him some sticks to play with, which kept him entertained pretty well.

On the way back home, probably around 8:30 pm, we saw our first bear of the year. It was in the road ahead of us, then lumbered over to the stone wall on the side, where it stopped and looked over its shoulder at us. Not a very huge bear, probably one of last year's cubs. It was cute! (Since we were inside a car and not outside with it. :)) Not that the bears around here are all that ferocious, actually, but they are pretty hungry this time of year!

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Just can't let this entry go by without wishing our little niece a very happy 2nd birthday!

The Week Ahead . . .

I don't have a lot of unusual plans for this week, although we do have a birthday party to go to tomorrow night, then I have plans to leave Sam with his daddy for the day on Saturday while I go shopping with a couple of friends. I'm looking forward to getting away for a little "me" time and a girls' day out. And of course, I hope to continue fluttering away at my housework for the rest of the week! I'm thankful to report that our colds are almost all better now, and hopefully we can all stay healthy for a while. Wishing everyone a very happy week!

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