Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The playground seems to have shrunk

I took the kids to the local park/playground for the first time in several years, and suddenly all three big kids looked so...big! And the slides looked small. Thankfully Ari is still little and she had a blast. But Julia commented, "Mommy, the park doesn't seem quite as much fun as it used to..." It's a little sad that I have big kids who are starting to outgrow the playground! But they still had fun, and we had the place to ourselves today, while probably most smart people are at the beach. :)
Summer is a good time to slow down and savor the moments, both little and big, but it's also causing me to notice more just how fast the kids are growing up. Sam has grown at least 4 inches since last September, and is only 3 inches shorter than me. When I stop and consider that Josiah is now the same age Sam was when we took our trips to Battleship Cove and Plimoth Plantation (four years ago),'s just a little crazy! I am extra thankful that God gave us Ari, so we will still have a "little kid" for a while...but yes, I know it'll still go by too fast with her, too. It is sometimes exhausting to deal with the toddler challenges, but super fun to get to explore and discover things with a little one all over again.
So now the big kids zip all over the playground "making a Star Wars story," and the little kid zips around doing her own thing or joining in with them. I sit and watch, slapping mosquitoes now and then. (The playground may have shrunk, but some things never change.) It's a beautiful day to savor one of these little moments.


Mrs.T said...

I'm loving this fresh new look at your blog. And this post was so well written! It IS scary how fast kids grow up. I was noticing in the pics of the cape that Jo sent me, Darrin is nearly as tall as she is.

Kathleen :-) said...

Oh, I LOVE it!!! GREAT JOB!!! :-) So fun to see these new posts, and this great new update to your blog!!!! GREAT WORK!!!

Carrie said...

Thank you, ladies! :) I'm so happy to be back to blogging again!!!

Nikki said...

I totally get your feelings here. We are in new seasons here as well . We have adult children, teenage children, middles and littles. I honestly savor each and every stage. :) Our days are busy driving people here and there, trying to squeeze in as much summer as we can. I don't want to miss even a second of this. This is the life!! :)