Saturday, July 15, 2017


Okay, I think NOW I have the new look of the blog how I want it.  It took some fiddling to get the header right, but I'm pretty happy with it!  I found this background that I love more than the barn one that I tried yesterday.  It's just right for the look I want at the moment.  I wanted to brighten up the page, and this background is perfect with the picture I chose of the kids!!!  I love how the girls' clothing in the picture coordinates with the banner colors (totally unplanned!) and how the white peeling paint siding of the background matches the white siding of the camp behind the kids.  That camp, which belonged to my grandparents (and was their first home!) is right next door to our house, so it also works perfectly with the theme of my blog. :)  Which makes me happy!

I had to change the blog template to a different one to make a larger header work.  I'm not quite as fond of the page look, but it's not that much different and I think having a bigger header is a good trade-off.

It may sound strange, but messing with my blog design has inspired me to post more.  Maybe having a fresh new look was just the nudge I needed. :)  Now to see if I can attract some of my previous readers (or some new ones)!!


Mrs.T said...

Oh, I love it, and see just what you mean about the banner! (That wasn't visible when I looked at it on my Kindle.) I'm just delighted to see you blogging again!

Carrie said...

Me too! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

So glad to see you! I miss you when your gone!! :) Your blog looks inviting and wonderful!!! Hope you all are having a happy summer!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks so much! You should blog again sometime, too!! 😊