Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A thankful post

Sometimes I just need to stop for a minute and think about my blessings...actually, I try to do this more often than sometimes (like daily, although I don't always accomplish that).  Tonight I was thinking about a couple specific things I'm thankful for right now, and thought that sharing those would make a good post. :) 

First of all, this little girl.  She's so much more of a big girl than a baby these days...though still my baby, too.  Most especially, I'm thankful that we are finally making progress on getting her to SLEEP!
 She has never been a great sleeper.  Partly because we've spoiled her a bit, and partly because I think she's just wired that way.  About a month ago, I decided I was finally ready to buckle down and work on her sleep issues.  It turned out to be soooo much easier than I anticipated (thank you, Jesus!!).  Now that we are nearly a month in, she's happily getting in her own bed every night, falling asleep within minutes, and only waking up (usually) about once a night.  And then falling right back to sleep with a little bit of back-rubbing from one of us.  This means that we're all getting much longer stretches of sleep (hello, 5-6 hours or more!!!) and I'm feeling so much more rested.  Even on those nights when I stay up late after everyone else is tucked in (oops).
 Look at that precious face.  I can't really begrudge her all the sleep I've lost over the past 27 months.  She is worth it. :) That said, it definitely is more tiring than it was when the other kids were babies!!  I'm getting too old for this! :D 
 Another thing I'm really thankful for tonight is my boys.  They are my "right-hand men" during this time of year when Jim has been working a logging job, which equals really long hours and not much time at home.  The boys help me keep the woodstove loaded, and pile wood beside it so I can fill it up right before bed.  
 They even dry dishes without (much) complaint, even when they would rather be reading. :) 
 They help clean snow off cars, shovel the deck, take care of chickens, etc.  (Julia helps with many of these chores, too. )  Sometimes even without having to be reminded or asked (though not always...they are kids, after all. ;))  And they make me smile every day.  Here's one thing that made me smile today: a tiny Chinese flag made by Josiah (we've been studying China in school).  He came up with this on his own, and later he turned it into a tiny paper airplane.
 Of course I forgot to get a picture of that.  Then he made a few other flags that became part of his paper airplane fleet, as well.  Maybe I'll add a pic of those tomorrow if I remember.  
You know what?  I bet he will always remember what the Chinese flag looks like after this!

Last but not least, I'm thankful for the opportunity Julia and I had to go to a performance of Fiddler on the Roof together, a few weeks ago.  It was a last-minute decision on the last day of the play, and thankfully there were still tickets available.  Though it was a long play (3 hours!) and a late night, we had a blast and were so glad we had gone.  
 It's a memory we will treasure, and hopefully the first of many plays we'll attend together. :)  Here is Julia afterward, with our sweet friend Diana who played the part of one of the village girls!  

It's late and I'd better wrap this up and get to bed.  But I wanted to share these things while they're on my mind.  There is always something to be thankful for, no matter the season of life we're in, isn't there?!  What are you thankful for today?

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Mrs.T said...

What a nice post! They are wonderful kids (no bias here!) and definitely a blessing to be thankful for. Love Josiah's little flag! You never know what he is going to come up with! Very inventive!