Monday, November 30, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 30

Tonight it's late and I wanted to wrap up these "30 days" (although I missed MOST of those 30, but least I blogged more than I had in quite some time!! ;)) before we jump into a new season and new themes to blog about tomorrow.  We had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving and some sweet time as a family over the weekend.  Friday and Saturday were busier, but we spent so much time together, which was wonderful, especially as Jim has been very busy with work lately (which is a GOOD thing, but we still miss him!).

Even though I didn't get as many posts or pictures up as I'd hoped to, the simple process of thinking through my blessings and the different topics helped me focus on thankfulness this month, and I am grateful.  It's a habit I want to continue to work toward...counting those daily blessings.

Thanks to all of you who chimed in with comments, too.  It's always such fun to hear from you all, and to know that someone is reading my little ramblings here. :)

Stay tuned, as I hope to post more in December!  I'm not setting myself a daily goal (because I know my limitations!), but I hope to update at least once or twice a week.


Mrs.T said...

Love all the pictures! It's been such fun to see you posting more often. I know it's a huge effort with everything else you have going on. Thanks so much! Your Thanksgiving table was so pretty. And I love that picture of Sam and Ari. Great lighting!

Nikki said...

I was happy each time you updated. I understand how hard it would be to blog everyday! I used to be so much better at it but life gets busy and at times it just is not as convenient. I LOVE to see what you all are up to. Josh has been working a lot lately too. We are happy that he can work but we miss him sooooooo much when he is gone. I guess it makes the times they are home even sweeter though. :) We all want to talk to him at once !