Tuesday, November 24, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 24: Three

**oops, my plan was to post this 2 days ago, so I'm post-dating it...I got sidetracked and never finished it on Tues!**

So, I got really busy in the past couple weeks and I'm not going to try to catch up on all the days I missed!  But I do want to try to blog a bit this week, and post something for as many days as I can. :)  Sorry for the absence, I know you guys were enjoying these posts (as was I!) and I hate it when I can't keep up with something.  However, I'm continually learning that there's no way I can keep up with everything I'd like!!

Today's theme is "three."  Actually, that's supposed to be the theme for Thursday...and today's theme is listed as "your plate."  (This photo challenge schedule was obviously made in a year when Thanksgiving was on the 24th!)  So I decided to switch the themes, and we will do the number three today.  There are many things I could probably think of that come in threes, but what first popped to mind was my three BIG kids!!  They don't get enough blog time since Ari arrived, so this post will be about them. :)

Boy, am I thankful for our three bigs.  As I posted on Facebook one day last week:

It is SO nice having older kids. Not every grocery shopping trip goes as smoothly as today's did, but they were such great helpers today...responsible cart pushers, getting things off shelves for me, being kind to each other...then unloading all the groceries and putting them away after we got home, so I could take care of Ari. What a big blessing to this tired mama. :)

They are also getting good at helping me around the house, watching/entertaining Ari when I have something else to do, and they (usually) play really well together.  I also love that we can share a lot more "in-depth" conversations now that they are older...they are thinkers, and that leads to lots of good discussions!  

So here is a pic of my big three. :)  Love them so much!!


Nikki said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carrie! Yes those older children what a blessing each of them are. So nice to have such willing helpers even on days that the help is not so willing! I can't imagine life without any of ours. :)

Mrs.T said...

They are three blessings, that is for sure! We appreciate them so much!

Kathleen :-) said...

They are so sweet! :-) I love this picture!!!!