Tuesday, November 10, 2015

30 Days of Thankfulness, Day 10: Special treat

At the risk of boring everyone with yet ANOTHER post about Ari...well, I just couldn't not post about her first birthday, could I?! ;)  And since the theme for today is "special treat" I thought it would work out well, since I have pictures of her with a cupcake. :)

It's hard to believe our littlest girlie turned ONE yesterday.  It just doesn't seem like she could possibly have been here for a whole year already!  As you can see, she has developed quite the personality!
 We sang "Happy Birthday" to her more than once throughout the day. :)  She would get the biggest grin every time!
 She was pretty happy about the cupcake with its bright candle, too!
 Looking over at her siblings...they are her BIGGEST fans!!
 This one and the next are out of focus, but I just loved her expressions anyway. :)

 Julia "helped" blow out the candle since Ari had NO idea what to do with it.  She was still grinning from ear to ear, though.  Then she proceeded to stick her fingers in the frosting. ;)  
Later on, we attempted to recreate this photo from last year.  We got some funny shots...this is one of my favorites. :)  

We will be having a "real" party for Ari on Friday, with presents and a theme cake, and grandparents!  So I will probably put up a few pictures from that too, eventually.  In the meantime, hope you've enjoyed these!  Happy birthday, baby girl!  You are so loved!


Nikki said...

Those pictures are just too adorable! Love her sweet smile. She looks like such a happy baby.

Mrs.T said...

Happy birthday, Ari!!!! The pictures are SO cute. She seems so aware for a one-year old!

Kathleen :-) said...

Cuteness Overload!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) I love these pictures!!!! Ari's sweet and funny personality is really coming out! I can't believe she is 1, either!!!!! The picture with all the kid's is so fun and adorable as well!!!!

Mrs. Smith said...

Completely darling!!!! Ari's expressions!!!!! Your household looks so lively and fun!! And the more pics you post the better in my opinion! :)