Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A couple of fun freebie deals!

Okay, so probably most of you are readers of Money Saving Mom, and may have already heard about this deal, but I'm going to share it anyway, just in case.  Through her site, I heard about Schoola, a children's used clothing site.

Right now they are offering a $15 credit when you sign up, plus they are (for a very limited time) offering free shipping, and you get a 25% off coupon via email when you sign up.  So, I was able to order 5 items of children's clothing for FREE earlier today.  (I mostly searched for items under $3 or $5.) After ordering, I received a referral link to share with others . . . so if you order through my link, you get the $15 credit and I get another $15 credit too!  I shared this on FB earlier and had one friend place an order through my link, so woohoo!  More free clothing for me! :)  I know many of you love a bargain just like I do, so I wanted to share this with you.  I found the Schoola site very easy to navigate and the item descriptions seemed to be fairly detailed (as far as telling the condition, if the things were worn or had spots, etc.).  They even have some women's clothes if you look under the high school section.   Obviously you can't tell how things will fit with buying them online, but with kids' clothes it's pretty safe, and I figure I will even order a few things for me, since if I don't spend any money on them, it's no big deal to donate them to a thrift store or pass on to another friend if they don't end up fitting.  Anyway, if you're interested you might want to jump on this deal since the free shipping probably won't last long. :) Note: I saw in the comments on Money Saving Mom that some are having issues getting the credit.  I had no problems at all and my order went through just fine, but I just wanted to add that in case anyone might have issues.  I will update this post if I end up having my order cancelled or anything weird like that!

And the second freebie is this ebook that's free for Kindle just through the end of today:

I really enjoy Jamerrill's site, Free Homeschool Deals, and love reading her articles about her family, as well as watching her Youtube videos.  I haven't yet read her book, but I downloaded it yesterday and I'm sure it will be great!

Hope someone will find these freebies useful!


Anonymous said...

My mom had told me about Schoola as she babysits for someone who orders clothes from there. I had checked them out once and then promptly forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

RRRRR!!!! I messed up. I wanted to sign up under you but I had not noticed your referral on your blog and was thinking I would type in your name somewhere when I realized that I had just signed up without. So sorry about that! I still do not get computers or technology at all.

Carrie said...

No problem at all!! :) I was already able to order a lot of free stuff, and someone else might sign up under me, but it doesn't matter if not! I hope you're able to find a few things for free!! :) Did the credit show up for you and did you get the 25% coupon? Just curious. Between the two $15 credits I got yesterday, I was able to place two orders--5 things for the kids, and then 2 things for me. What a deal!!

Carrie said...

Hey Nikki, whatever you did must have worked after all, because I got a notice that I received another $15 credit through your purchase! So thanks!! Now you should blog about it too, or see if you can get some friends or family to sign up under your link! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad but I have no idea how that happened.i had decided to order a hat for Joshua on there and went and typed in my credit card info and then it said I still had a credit of 11.00 . I was wondering what was happening and then it said it was from you. So that was neat and we must have been ON at the same exact moment.