Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pictures from Ari's first month

This is a picture post I had started AGES ago and I decided to go ahead and put it up anyway, even though all the pics are "old" now. :)  These were taken from sometime during Ari's first week (I think) to somewhere around the first week of December.   Just a little slice of our life that I wanted to share. :)

Her siblings love her so much!
She rarely takes a paci anymore, but it was useful for a while. :)
This is one of my favorite pics of her.  But she has already changed so much since it was taken!
One of the staff ladies at our doctor's office gave her this sweet hat (she makes hats for all the new babies).  I love it, but sadly it is already getting too small!  It's funny to see how big it was on her in this picture.
We took this pic after her first or second bath.  She hated her first few baths, but now she loves them!
Julia found it funny how Ari was "punching" her in the chin. :)
These pics are from the storm we got around Thanksgiving.  There was sure a lot hanging off the roof!

Wearing her cute Thanksgiving onesie :)

Working on decorating the Christmas tree

Ari loved the lights!  
Sweet sisters.  I made them matching turkey hair decorations, although they are hard to see in these pics.
I love this one!  It captures their personalities really well. :)
A lot of our schoolwork is done on the couch with a baby these days. :)  Here Josiah is holding Ari while I hold his reading book for a lesson.
One of her first little smiles

Snuggling with Daddy.  Looking at this pic, she looks so tiny and skinny!  She has really filled out since then. :)
Now I am off to start a post with more chatter and fewer pictures (but still some--because every post is more interesting with pictures, right?!).  Thanks for your patience as I try to figure out where/when to fit blogging into this busy life!


Nikki said...

Oh how I LOVED looking at sweet little Ari as her gift still awaits my mailing. Goal for the week......mail package!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Nikki! I'm glad you enjoyed them! :) No hurry on the package, it always takes me forever to get around to sending things to people too, so I totally understand!! :)