Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Okay, so I know we're already seven days into the new year . . . but it still feels new. :)  There is just something about putting up a brand new calendar every year that I love (especially when it is a beautiful Gooseberry Patch calendar--my favorite!)-.  It feels like a fresh start in so many ways!  I usually set lots of ambitious goals for the new year . . . well, last year I pretty much totally forgot about all those goals within a few months.  This year I haven't even set any so far (aside from a few specific health and fitness goals for an accountability group I'm in), but I do plan to at some point.  I have a feeling I am going to keep them really simple this year, though.  I still kind of feel like I am in "survival mode" (I think I need to re-read Crystal's book!!) as we are still adjusting to having Ari in the family.  She is TOTALLY worth it, but having a baby to care for definitely makes everything different.  There is no way I can accomplish all I'd like to in a day, especially now that we are back to school, but I'm trying to learn that that's okay.

One of my Christmas gifts from my mom was this neat set of cards that she printed out for me, called "The Best of My Days."

 There is a card for each month with a number for each day . . . a place to write one blessing, a special thing that happened, a verse, etc. Basically anything from that day that I want to give thanks for or remember.  It has already been a blessing to me!  And it only takes a minute to write down one thing.  If anyone's interested, the free printables are available here.

I also really want to get more organized with taking care of my home this year.  This is an ongoing struggle for me because I am not naturally organized.  Before I had kids, and even after Sam was born, I had good success following Flylady's system.  (That was also when we lived in a tiny trailer and had a lot less stuff, and less children!) But after a while I got bogged down in too many emails and I gave up on trying to keep up with that.  I have tried other things and never really stick to a good system, but this year I decided to once again try the Confident Mom planner (it's free!) to help me keep up with the housework.
 #1, this planner is so PRETTY.  I like pretty. :)  #2, if I actually follow it--even if I don't get all the chores done every day--I know my house will stay cleaner and more orderly.  I'm going to give it a good shot, and to help motivate me even more, I spent some of my Christmas money on a pretty binder (again, I like pretty!!) to put the pages in.
This color of blue (teal?) makes me happy, and I just happened to have some scrapbook paper that coordinated beautifully.  I even got a matching polka-dot notebook just because it was the same color and it was only .97 cents. :)
The binder was around $3 at Walmart, so for under $5 (plus the cost of the ink and paper) I have a new planner to start the new year.  I also have some lined paper in there for adding various reminders (not sure yet how practical this will be, as there is room on the planner pages for that, as well), and food journal pages, which also happen to coordinate nicely with the colors!  I even printed out some handy monthly checklists from Intentional By Grace (these are free, but you have to sign up for their email list to download).

And just because I still haven't put up a picture post of our newest little one, I have to leave you with a few pictures of little Miss Ari. :)
We weighed her on Saturday night and she is about 10.5 lbs!  That means she's gained 3 lbs. in her first 8 weeks--I think that is pretty good.  She's such a sweet baby and we are enjoying her so much.  We got her a used Bumbo seat this weekend, which I think will be nice for her to sit on the floor and watch her siblings play.
 I also got this Baby K'Tan carrier with some more of my Christmas money (found it for half price on Ebay--woohoo!) and I love it.  I had been interested in them for a while, then I saw my friend Joey's post about hers, and knew I wanted to get one.  It's very comfy and Ari has taken some good naps in it, on days when she has been fussy and not wanted to lie down for a nap.
Well, I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start so far!  Hopefully I'll have time to post again soon. :)


Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
Happy new Year to your family as well. :) Sooooooo good to see what you all are up to. :) Your planner seems like such a good idea. Funny how sometimes the " pretty " helps. ;) I have been trying to get more organized but lately, it seems EVERYTHING is just a mess around here. I have been busily filling bags for Goodwill! :) Salinn wanted to try the Baby K'Tan too after seeing Joey's post on it. So we too ordered one on e-bay. We ONLY had to pay $15 and it was the same color as yours!!! :) I am not really even sure how much they cost new. Hoping I like it for the " new" baby when he or she comes. I have a " slight" baby carrier addiction.

syds1girl said...

Ari is SO adorable!!! she's just really pretty and looks so content. You're looking good too.
The organizational binder looks really "pretty" and functional. Hope you can stick to it. I'll never forget my first planner, the first two years I was married. I LOVED that thing and it did really help keep me organized. Happy New Year.

Mrs.T said...

Adorable Ari pics! She is so cute! Nice post too. Yes, be easy on yourself this new year. It is going to be different, so just plan on that and don't get down on yourself for what doesn't get done. The planner looks and sounds great. I've fallen partially off the FlyLady wagon too, so may check this out. As you said, it is pretty!

Kathleen :-) said...

I had seen the Confident Mom Planner available, and had printed it off too! Trying to remember to look at it each day and complete the tasks!!!! :-) Ari is so ADORABLE!!! She is growing so fast!!!!!!! :-)

1HappyWife said...

Happy New Year to your family!!! Even if it is already 15 days old. LOL! She is soooo precious!!! She really looks like she enjoys being in the Bumbo watching everyone. Don't you love the carrier? I like the color of yours. I got mine from Amazon, but I am checking ebay as I would love to have one just to leave in the car. That way if my hubby says, "Hey let's walk around town." I am will be ready :).
I love your binder! Teal is soooo pretty, definitely checking this out ...though I already got a planner for the year... I can still use lots of help!! I love your Mom's gift!!Such a neat idea I need to check it out.