Monday, October 27, 2014

Time for some chatter :)

Oh  my, sometimes it is just so hard to jump back in when there is so much to say!  I really want to do a recap of our summer/fall, since I really didn't blog much about our life over the past few months.  I also have 3 book reviews I need to post.  I am hoping that I can get to some of these things during the downtime I will have after the baby arrives . . . or even before.  Today, for example, I stayed home from church to keep my feet up since I have been having some swelling.  So I planned to hopefully do a little blogging, but I had some other things on my "must-do" list first (things I could do while sitting down, of course :)), and somehow blogging didn't happen till now, and Jim and the kids should be home any minute.

Yep, I wrote just one paragraph yesterday and worked a little on a pregnancy post, and then they came home.  So now it's Monday and I'm hoping to have enough time to write a whole post before the kids wake up (they are late sleepers!). :)

We have had the most gorgeous fall here and I wish I had taken more pictures.  It was really the nicest fall I can remember in several years.  We haven't had a ton of cold weather yet, which helped.  Lots of warm days, not much frost yet, and the leaves were so beautiful.  We thoroughly enjoyed the color all around us!  Here is a collage of iPod pics from back near the end of September--it doesn't showcase the color so well because this was from an evening walk around the bog, but still pretty.

This past Saturday the younger kids and I were on our own while Jim and Sam went hunting for youth day.  (They saw a couple of deer, but not close enough to get a shot at, unfortunately.  They had a fun hike, though!)  We were blessed with a beautiful day after a week of rain, so after doing some errands in the morning, I sent Julia and Siah outside for a while in the afternoon.  Then later I had to go out and get a few pics of them as they played by the pond. :)  (It was nice to finally have the pond looking good again, and some water running into it for a change!  The past couple months have been so dry, that the stream had dried up and the pond was pretty stagnant.  Not anymore!)

 This one is my favorite...I love how they each added a hat and scarf to their outfit. :)  These two are often like two peas in a pod!  (And Julia really IS taller than Josiah--they just look the same size here because of how they're standing.  She only outweighs him by about 5 lbs, though!)

I know this just gives you the tiniest peek into our lives, but I am going to stop here for now, since it's time to jump into school.  We are starting week 9 already!!!  Hopefully later this week I may have time to post a summer/fall recap with more pics.  Thanks for being patient since I have been a terrible blogger lately!! :)

Oh, and there is a new update at Eating for Two, for those who are interested. :)

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