Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Brothers in the garden

 This evening I asked the boys to go pick some green beans and cucumbers from our little garden.  Honestly, I've pretty much neglected it this summer, but we've still ended up with a nice little crop of zucchini, beans, and now a few little cukes . . . oh, and quite a few tomatoes!  They were happy to show off their harvest. :)

Josiah has the hardest time giving a *real* smile for pictures.  Oh well, he is cute and funny anyway!

Sam, on the other hand, has no trouble giving a real smile!  He likes to ham it up for the camera. :) 

I'm thankful for what a good help our kids are becoming, not just with the garden, but around the house too.  They are a blessing for sure!  Oh, and I made a yummy recipe with the green beans for supper.  Two out of three kids really liked it, and I did too!  (Jim ate it and said it was good, but he's not a big fan of green beans. :))  Here's the link: Lemon Garlic Green Beans.  Easy peasy, and tasty too!

Edited to add: I also put up a new post at Eating for Two! :)


Mrs.T said...

Cute pictures and great produce! We finally pulled up our failed attempt at a garden and mowed it!

Nikki said...

Keep checking in for another update. :)Your posts are always so enjoyable. I reread some of your older ones but your husbands hamburger makes me want one THAT size!!!! :)Maybe that is why I am so large already??? Just thinking about it.