Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tintin Before Bedtime

There's almost nothing cuter than two kids reading Tintin on the couch (especially when one of them is wearing a fancy sequined tiara and veil ;))

unless maybe THIS is even cuter . . . big brother reading out loud to little brother.

And yes, I am sadly way behind on blog posts I want to write . . . lately I've been too busy or too distracted with all kinds of things going on, trying to finish up school, etc.  Just this week I'm finally getting back to setting goals and making a to-do list for each day.  I feel like I'm getting some energy back and things are feeling more "normal."  My next midwife appt. is next Monday, so I will definitely post a pregnancy blog update then.  In the meantime, I hope to get another post or two up here, as well. We'll see. :)


Nikki said...

I LOVE when you update so hope you get to it! :) Can't wait to hear more baby news too.

Carrie said...

Thanks, Nikki! I am off to start another post now--not sure how quickly I will finish it, though. :)

1HappyWife said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!
Your kids look so sweet sitting there reading :). Looking forward to hearing all about your midwife appointment. Hope you had a good school week ... not too many more to go!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Joey! We are definitely looking forward to the end of the school year!!! :)