Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rainy day ramblings and a pregnancy blog update :)

I know a few of you have been waiting patiently this week for me to finally get around to posting in my pregnancy blog.  I'm happy to report that today, I finally had time to put up a couple posts. :)  Enjoy!

Our weather has been different lately--lots of chilly nights, a few warm and beautiful days, interspersed with other gloomy and rainy days, like this one.  I have to say, I enjoy a rainy day like this when I am home with nowhere I have to go. :)  We did some school this morning because we took off the past 2 days, but this afternoon has been nice and lazy.  Lots of blogging time, even though I should be washing dishes instead!

A certain little boy had a birthday this week . . . I will do a separate post about that soon!  A certain little girl will be turning 8 next week, too.  Let's just say there's been lots of cake and ice cream in the house lately!  And yesterday I made one of these, which has satisfied some lemon cravings . . . YUM.  I might have to make another one soon. :)

I will wrap this up for now, but hopefully I will be back before long with a birthday post or two!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


1HappyWife said...

Some of us not so patiently!!! LOL!!! Off to read it now. I'll come and finish this post after :).

Carrie said...

Heehee--yeah, sorry to keep you hanging like that! I had hoped to update it on Monday, but didn't have time…then with extra birthday activities going on this week, and working on firewood, etc. I never had enough time for a proper update until today. :)

Nikki said...

I was hoping all was okay. After a VERY scary FIRST appt. with Joshua they make me nervous now. Just the thought makes me cringe. Happy all is well. I will pop over tonight.

Carrie said...

Thanks, Nikki! :) I hope if you have another pregnancy, that EVERY appt. will be normal and not scary! :)