Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fragile, like a flower

We were reminded again this weekend just how fragile and fleeting our lives here on earth are, when we learned of the church bus crash tragedy in Indianapolis--a tragedy that deeply affected a family who were a wonderful example to us during our first few years at Trinity Baptist in Concord.  Reading a news story about a train crash in Spain is definitely saddening and horrific, but reading a news story of an event that involves people you know makes it much more personal and hits closer to home.

As I've been praying for the families and church involved over the past few days, I've realized once again that God's ways are not our ways.  There's no way to make sense of what seems to us a horrible accident, no way to understand from a human point of view why God would take a sweet young couple and their unborn daughter, and another mom of five home to Heaven.   Trust in God's sovereignty and love is essential, trust that His plans are far better than what we can imagine.  It's easy to type that out here, but so much harder to put into action, isn't it?  Imagining what those families are going through this week, thinking of how I would feel if my children or husband was suddenly taken from this life . . . it makes my heart hurt, and yet I know that God's grace and tender care will sustain each one who needs it so desperately right now and in the days to come.  This note from the Phelps family is clear evidence of that.

This song came to mind and as I've been meditating on the words, I've been blessed and encouraged.  I hope you may be, too.

It Is Not Death to Die

It is not death to die, to leave this weary road, 
and join the saints who dwell on high, who've found their home with God.j
It is not death to close the eyes long dimmed by tears, 
and wake in joy before Your throne, delivered from our fears.

O Jesus, conquering the grave, 
Your precious blood has pow'r to save.
Those who trust in You will in Your mercy find
that it is not death to die.

It is not death to fling aside this earthly dust,
and rise with strong and noble wing, to live among the just.
It is not death to hear the key unlock the door
that sets us free from mortal years to praise You evermore.

O Jesus, conquering the grave,
Your precious blood has pow'r to save.
Those who trust in You will in Your mercy find
that it is not death to die.

~Henri Malan & Bob Kauflin

(to listen to a beautiful recording of this song by the Pettit Team, click here)

There is also a related post by Chris Anderson here which includes the text of a new hymn he has written, "I Am With You."  The words are beautiful and comforting . . . I look forward to hearing it when the melody has been written!

I know these thoughts are somewhat rambling, but just some things that have been on my heart over the past few days and I wanted to write them down while they were fresh.  Treasure your loved ones today . . . truly this life is a "mist" (James 4:14), and we don't know how many more moments we may have.


Kathlee said...

What else to say, then...Amen! Thank You for those thoughts! My thoughts have been quite similar to those you just shared! I'm so thankful for the amazing testimony of these dear ones that have gone on, and for that of their dear familes as well. They will be greatly missed, we rejoice to know they are home in Heaven. Thank You for this post!

Mrs.T said...

What beautiful and scriptural thoughts. The note from the Phelps was such a blessing. And the song ... absolutely gorgeous music and uplifting words. Such a blessing to me today. Thanks so much for sharing and we will continue to pray for those who lost loved ones (and those who are recovering from injuries) in this crash.

syds1girl said...

We have been praying hard for these families affected by the terrible bus incident. What they are going through at this time is hard to imagine. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and song. The words were so perfect and will minister to these families, in ways much more than they even have to us. Thank you for sharing this.

Mrs. Smith said...

My dear friend,
Your post is beautiful and so are the lyrics to this song. I am so saddened by this tragedy, and we will continue to pray for these families. Hugs, dear buddy!