Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Social media experiment update #1

I promised an update on this, so I wanted to make sure to actually post one!  My first week of the experiment went really well.  I stuck to my goal of no Facebook/Feedly until Friday, and I only checked Pinterest and blogs at night.  I kept a running list of how much I got done on Mon-Thurs. and thought it might be fun to share that here.  I'm not sure that I got a ton more than normal accomplished, but part of that was because of the time taken with achievement tests and finishing up the rest of school.  This week won't be an accurate comparison, either (although I am still mostly sticking with the same plan) because I haven't been accomplishing much due to being sick, and the things I will be doing toward the end of the week will be different than normal because of our trip.  Anyway, here's what last week looked like.  These are just random lists of things that got done each day, in no particular order:
  • Monday: Exercised, Bible reading done, finished a chapter in Educating the Wholehearted Child, 1 load laundry done start to finish (put away), blogging done, school and testing done, quick trip to Walmart, Medicaid app. done, stayed up too late on Pinterest :)
  • Tuesday: Exercised, Bible reading done, got all dishes washed, started jean skirt for Julia, bread made, sliced and put away, iced tea made, 1 load laundry done start to finish, another load folded and put away, 1 chapter read in Choosing Gratitude, school and testing done, table set before supper (usually I'm doing this as soon as supper is ready!), got to bed between 10-10:30, so better than Monday!
  • Wednesday: Exercised, Bible reading done, finished testing, worked on jean skirt, sorted recycling, went to dump and library, wrote emails, made iced tea, made mayo, washed almost all dishes, went to bed at a decent time (can't remember when).
  • Thursday: Bible reading done, 1 chapter read in Choosing Gratitude, finished couch time books for school, finished Julia's skirt, started work on body pillow case, practiced piano, sent emails, grilled chicken, made rice, got everyone ready for church, went to church.
Then Friday came . . . we were done with school and Sam had just come down with the cold . . . we pretty much crashed, and I spent way too much time on the computer.  But I could see some definite progress over last week, and I am happy about that!  It was nice to see that the world of social media went right on turning without me (as I knew it would, of course ;)), and I'm looking forward to taking lots more time away from the computer over the summer.  

For more inspiration, I really liked this post from Trina Holden, and also this one from Holley Gerth at (in)courage.  

On a completely unrelated note, our first chickie hatched last night or today, but unfortunately something was wrong with it and it died.  :(  We were all sad about that, but we didn't even find it till it was already dead, so there was no time to get attached to it or anything.  We'll see if the other one hatches and survives or not . . . 

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