Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maple sugaring

This spring, we decided to try something we've been talking about doing for a few years--maple sugaring at home!  We borrowed a dozen or so buckets from my Grampa's stash in the old playhouse, and tapped 5 trees.  We tapped two weekends ago, and we only had a few good days of sugaring weather before it got cold again.  But during that first weekend we ended up with somewhere close to 20 gallons of sap.  We boiled it last Saturday--an all day process!--and ended up with a little over a quart of syrup.  The process was time consuming, but hey, we got some free syrup! :)  And it was really rewarding to make our own "home-grown" syrup right from our backyard trees.  Here is a little pictorial journal of our sugaring!

Tapping the trees
Checking buckets the next day
Beautiful spring day (in the 50s!--then it got cold again)
Happy helper
More checking buckets
Crossing the brook to check more trees
Emptying sap into one of the carrying buckets
It seemed like a good time for some fun sibling photos too. :)
Awww . . . love these guys!!
Finishing the syrup inside--late at night, thus the PJs :)
We had two thermometers in the pot, trying to make sure we had an accurate temperature . . . 
The finished product!!
The next day we had to make a big brunch with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and waffles--to try out our yummy, fresh maple syrup!!   Mmmmmm.  Definitely a worthwhile experiment! :)


Mrs. Smith said...

Hey there, dear friend! I've never seen that done before. Looks like a lot of memories in the making; yummy ones!

syds1girl said...

Very nice. LOVED the shots of the siblings too! I remember SO fondly when Syd and I were first married - we're going back 32 years here-- going to a sugar on snow with your church,at one of your church families, Dan... I don't know why I can't remember their last name. It was such a BLAST! Our whole church went up in my parent's van. Your photos here are such a great journal, something the children will look back on years from now!