Wednesday, March 06, 2013

February Update and March Goals

I'm obviously running late getting these posted, but the first few days of March have been busy ones between church, appts. and a birthday!  I did set goals back on March 1st, so now I'm finally getting them posted here.

First, here is how I did with February's goals:

  • Get up by 7 am on weekdays--Did not do so well with this!
  • Keep up with daily Bible reading schedule--DONE!
  • Begin a more in-depth Bible study--possibly the Luke study from Good Morning Girls--Started, but haven't made much progress with this yet.
  • Complete weeks 5-8 of health & fitness challenge--DONE!  I lost about 2 lbs over the 8 weeks, but have since gained a little back.  Time to buckle down again!
  • Read 2 books--DONE!  Look for reviews coming soon!
  • Blog at least 10 times--DONE!
  • Have one date night--DONE!  Yay!!!
  • Complete weeks 19-21 of school--DONE!
  • Begin baking class with Sam--DONE!  We started with chocolate chip cookies. :)
  • Teach kids how to clean a bathroom--Not done.
  • Have friends over--Didn't do this either.
  • Work on decluttering master bedroom--DONE!  (Well, the bedroom is not DONE being decluttered, but the starting is done. :))
  • Spend no more than $400 on groceries (setting the bar higher this month because of more bulk purchases--and kids who are eating more lately!! :))--Not sure on this; I slacked off on tracking toward the end of the month, but I think we probably came in under $400.
  • Have surgery and recover--DONE!!
And here are my new goals for March:
  • Get up by 7:30 am on weekdays
  • Keep up with daily Bible reading
  • Become more intentional and organized in prayer
  • Complete weeks 23-26 of school
  • Lose 2 lbs.
  • Have one date night
  • Have friends over 
  • Read at least 2 books
  • Blog at least 10 times
  • Post at least two book reviews on blog
  • Teach kids how to clean a bathroom
  • Spend no more than $300 on groceries
  • Make or buy Easter dress for Julia
I'm encouraged to see that I got quite a bit crossed off in February . . . here's hoping a lot gets done this month, too! :)

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