Friday, February 01, 2013

January update and February goals


A new month already!!  Time to set some new goals.  January flew by and I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped (of course :)), but I'm happy that I was able to cross off at least a few things.  Here's how January went:

  • Get up by 7 am on weekdays (I've already failed on this one, but I'll keep working at it!)--Not done!  Gotta keep working on that self-discipline. :)
  • Keep up with my daily Bible reading schedule--DONE!
  • Exercise at least 15 times--Not done.  I only exercised 7 times, then stopped because of hernia issues.  It was rather disappointing, as now I'll have to wait till a month or so after surgery (I think) before I can start up again.
  • Read 2 books (my current goals are to finish Desperate and Cleaning House, both to review here)--DONE!  I did finish two books, but not the ones I planned to!  I'll post more about those separately.
  • Blog at least 10 times--DONE!
  • Have one date night--Sadly, we didn't fit one in this month. :(
  • Complete weeks 14-17 of school--DONE!  Actually, we finished week 18, so we are halfway done with the year--yay!!
  • Plan & begin baking class with Sam--Not done.
  • Begin piano lessons with Sam & Julia--Not done--not sure WHEN I will get to this!
  • Teach all three kids various parts of bathroom cleaning--Not done.
  • Homemaking habit: Make beds daily (and teach Julia and Josiah how to make theirs; Sam is already an old pro at this!)--I'm calling this a work in progress. :)  Our bed was made almost every day (might have missed 4 days or so?) and the kids' beds were made more often than not.  We are getting there!
  • Declutter kitchen cabinets--Got a little start on this, but nowhere near done!
  • Have friends over--DONE!  We were able to have two families over for supper this month.
  • Spend no more than $300 on groceries (normally this number would be lower, but we have some bulk food purchases to factor in this month)--Umm, not done!  Oops.  I'm not sure how far we went over, but my guess is about $50.  I was doing really good keeping track until sometime last week.

And here are my goals for February.  Some of these may get shelved depending on how energetic I feel after my surgery, but I'm hoping to knock some of them out (like bedroom decluttering) beforehand.  I'm also thinking I may get more than 2 books read this month, as I have some downtime after the 18th. :)  Maybe I'll have time to make a dent in those homeschooling books I was going to read last summer and barely started . . .

  • Get up by 7 am on weekdays
  • Keep up with daily Bible reading schedule
  • Begin a more in-depth Bible study--possibly the Luke study from Good Morning Girls
  • Complete weeks 5-8 of health & fitness challenge
  • Read 2 books
  • Blog at least 10 times
  • Have one date night
  • Complete weeks 19-21 of school
  • Begin baking class with Sam
  • Teach kids how to clean a bathroom
  • Have friends over
  • Work on decluttering master bedroom
  • Spend no more than $400 on groceries (setting the bar higher this month because of more bulk purchases--and kids who are eating more lately!! :))
  • Have surgery and recover
And now . . . I am off to rustle up some supper for my hungry gang.  Hope your month is off to a good start!

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