Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pinterest project for January: Homemade potato chips!

I decided it would be fun to attempt one Pinterest project every month--or more than one, if possible!  I'm defining a Pinterest project as something I either have already pinned, or something I make and then pin.  Being me, most things are pinned before I get around to trying them. :)  Anyway, this month's project was homemade microwave potato chips!  Sound interesting?  It was!

Making crispy chips in the microwave just doesn't sound like it should be possible.  However, when nuked long enough, the chips actually did get nice and crispy, and they tasted very yummy, to boot!  Here is the link to the blog post with all the instructions.

 This was a fun experiment and it was nice to know exactly what went into our chips.  I would definitely make these again, although probably not that often, as it seemed like a lot of work for a few chips.  I mean, it was plenty for Jim and me, but not anything like having a whole bag. :)  Also, I don't own a mandoline, so "we" (I mean Jim :)) had to slice the potatoes as thin as possible.  This probably took more time than a mandoline would have.  And the plate got really hot in the microwave for so long--so just something to watch out for if you try making these yourself.  Other than that, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try!

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