Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January Goals

Now that I've posted my goals for the year, it's time to post my specific goals for January.  These are the little "bite-size" pieces that hopefully will move me along on my way toward accomplishing the yearly goals.

  • Get up by 7 am on weekdays (I've already failed on this one, but I'll keep working at it!)
  • Keep up with my daily Bible reading schedule
  • Exercise at least 15 times
  • Read 2 books (my current goals are to finish Desperate and Cleaning House, both to review here)
  • Blog at least 10 times
  • Have one date night
  • Complete weeks 14-17 of school
  • Plan & begin baking class with Sam
  • Begin piano lessons with Sam & Julia
  • Teach all three kids various parts of bathroom cleaning
  • Homemaking habit: Make beds daily (and teach Julia and Josiah how to make theirs; Sam is already an old pro at this!)
  • Declutter kitchen cabinets
  • Have friends over
  • Spend no more than $300 on groceries (normally this number would be lower, but we have some bulk food purchases to factor in this month)
Next week I plan to start posting my weekly goals as well.  It feels good to be getting back to goal setting again! :)

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Mrs.T said...

Great goals! I must admit I "stole" your idea of setting monthly goals. I had jumped straight from yearly to weekly. I like your way a lot better!