Saturday, December 08, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 8: Favorite Christmas Music

**Today's post is a repost from 2 years ago, with a couple more CD favorites added to it for this year! :)

I thought for today's post it would be fun to compile a list of some of our favorite Christmas music! I love playing Christmas music as soon as December gets here. I won't play any till after Thanksgiving--it bugs me when stores start playing it as soon as Halloween is over! ;) I hope to expand our collection of Christmas CDs eventually--it's fairly small, but still fun. These are a few of our favorites that we enjoy listening to year after year:

Dream a Dream by Charlotte Church. We've had this CD for something like 10 years and I still love it.  The only song I don't love is the title song, actually. Too much beat for me, and it seems to have nothing to do with Christmas. So I always just skip over that one. But otherwise, a very beautiful recording!

Christmas Memories by John McDermott. Jim first "discovered" John McDermott while riding to work with our friend Ed, who was of Scottish descent and enjoyed Celtic style music. I especially love this recording--John's voice is a smooth, relaxing tenor, and he sings these Christmas songs (some familiar, some not so much) so beautifully.

White Christmas by Bing Crosby & the Andrews Sisters. Ahhh . . . the Christmas season doesn't feel "official" until I've heard Bing crooning these old favorites. :) This recording is an oldie for sure, but has been one of my favorites for 20+ years!

The Best of Christmas by various artists. A dear friend gave me this CD with cover art by Thomas Kinkade several years ago. This is a lovely instrumental recording--so nice to listen to as background music during the day or when having guests over for a visit.

Christmas Treasures: The Beautiful Sounds of the Panflute and the Regency Orchestra. I don't remember where I got this CD . . . it might have been a gift from a friend or family member. It's another favorite instrumental recording with a slightly Celtic feel. I love the panflute! So beautiful.

Christmas with Johnny Cash.  I bought this for Jim last year for day 1 of the 12 Days that I posted about yesterday.  It was $5 at Walmart and I figured we'd give it a try because we enjoy some of Johnny Cash's older music.  We really like this one!  It has some traditional favorites as well as several songs and readings we'd not heard before.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas.  A dear friend gave me this recording a few years back, and we love listening to it every year.  It's mostly instrumental and just plain fun. :)

So, those are just a few of our favorites! What do you like to listen to at Christmastime? Please share--I'd love to have some new recommendations to add to our Christmas CD collection!!

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