Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 5: Quotable kids

Here are a couple funny things the kids said yesterday . . . too often I forget to record these things, so I wanted to do it while I still remember. :)

Josiah was looking for Julia last night before bedtime.  He thought she was hiding from him, for some reason.  As he kept quizzing me to find out if I knew where she was (I didn't), he popped out with, "Do you suppose she's hiding in the closet?"  It just cracks me up when one of the kids--especially him--comes up with a phrase like "do you suppose!" :)

As I was helping Julia put on her PJs, I commented that she was growing like a weed.  Her reply?  "No, I'm growing like a FLOWER!" :)

In other news, our Sleepy chicken died yesterday. :(  It wasn't really a surprise; we had noticed lately that she hadn't been growing like the others, and when I picked her up last week, she felt so light and frail under her feathers.  She hadn't really been acting lethargic, but Jim thought she wasn't drinking much, and we don't know if she was eating much, either.  Maybe her rough start in life was just too much for her, or maybe the colder weather was too hard . . . the other chicks never really accepted her, and while they didn't seem to pick on her, they also didn't seem to like her snuggling up with them to stay warm.  Poor thing . . .  When I went out to check on them last evening, I found her lying in the coop.  I don't know how long she had been dead.  It was hard to tell the kids, but they took the news pretty well.  Of course they were all sad, and Sam cried a little, but they got over it quickly.  She was their favorite chicken (of the new chickens) and they already lost their favorite from the old chickens a couple weeks ago when we had to put Buttercup down because she was sick.  It's been kind of a rough time for chickens around here lately, I guess!  Now we are down to 3 hens and 1 rooster of the new chickens (none of the hens are laying yet), and 5 hens and 1 rooster of the old chickens (and their days are numbered--we are only getting about 1 egg a day lately, and sometimes none).

Well, I guess I'll call this a randomness post, and hopefully whatever I write for tomorrow will be a little more focused. :)


Mrs.T said...

Oh, so sorry about Sleepy. You had put so much time and effort into nursing her back to health when she first arrived! But I guess you can chalk it up to valuable experience if another chick ever has the symptoms she did. Poor chicken. Not sure why I am feeling sorry for a chicken, but I do. It must have been hard for all of you.

The kids are too funny. After years of telling kids they are growing like weeds, I don't think I have ever had anyone come up with the flower response. Leave it to Julia!

Hope you are all feeling better today!

TwoMuths said...

about chickens - our Amish farmer's wife makes warm mash for the chickens in winter - she claims it ups their egg production considerably! I thought that was so interesting! Love hearing these quotes from the kids! :-)

Mrs. Josh said...

I LOVED reading your cute kid sayings. They are soooo sweet. :) Sorry to hear about the chickens. We have had a rough year for chickens. Yesterday was a sad day of chicken rooster losses here as our Jack Russell got off her run and decided to kill some. We have not been getting many eggs. We do not use a light in their coop and I am sure that would help as the days are just too short for them now. We are having to buy eggs a lot lately. A couple a day does not go very far.