Monday, May 28, 2012

Baby Robins, Day 3

Today I actually remembered to put the card in the camera before I took pictures. :) I think this one is funny with all those fuzzy rumps, big heads and scrawny necks!The babies are starting to get a little more fluff and I can tell they've grown some since Day 1.
The newest one still looks a little bit smaller than the others, but not that much. I wonder if he will fly a day later since he hatched a day later? We will see. I think the babies were hot because they had their mouths open a lot today (not just when they were stretching up in search of food). At one point this morning, I got to see both the mama and papa robin feeding the babies at the same time. That was pretty cool! I also got this picture of the mama getting ready to feed the babies--I really love this one. This was taken through the space between the deck boards just like all the others, but the camera focused amazingly well on her, and I love how the babies are out of focus below. Just a really fun picture. :)
The forecast for tomorrow is thunderstorms. Hopefully I can still get a chance to take a few pictures anyway!


syds1girl said...

You are right, that last picture is really neat with the babies kind of faded out in the background. I love the running photos. Such beautiful birdies.

Mary Ann said...

I love that last pic! It's really good :-)

Mrs. Smith said...

What a precious picture seeing mom with her babies! It is so fun watching the babies progress on your blog!