Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Robins, Day 1

Look who hatched out today!!!
When I first looked in the nest this morning, 2 of them had hatched and the third was almost out of its shell. By the time I got back outside with the camera, around 5 min. later, it was out and the shell was gone! So far the fourth egg hasn't hatched--not sure if it may still, or if it's a "dud?" I guess we will see. It'll be interesting to see what happens to it if it doesn't hatch. Will they kick it out of the nest when the babies start taking up a bunch of room, or will it just get pushed around like it did today? The kids and I have already had lots of fun watching these little guys, but it'll get even more fun as they grow more and get more active. :) So exciting!!

In other news . . . sorry for the bloggy silence this week! I had goals all ready to post, but time got away from me. I have lots of things to talk about, but just didn't have a chance this week to do so. We are done with all of our school stuff now, so hopefully I can blog a bit more faithfully over the summer. And of course I'll be posting for the next couple of weeks at least, about the birdies! :) Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another post or two. Hope you all are having a good weekend so far!

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Anonymous said...

We have a few in the ivy at the office where I work and I love looking at them. I have honestly never seen baby, newly hatched robins before - it's cool and sweet and awesome!