Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roses just because

Last night my sweet guy surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet--not for any particular occasion, but "just because." I was so surprised, and they add such a sweet burst of color on our table at an otherwise rather ugly time of year!

It occurred to me later that yesterday happened to be my "blogaversary"--the day I hit seven years of writing in this little space. I never remember to keep track of that, but I went back and checked, and sure enough--there it was, March 14. So much has changed in those seven years . . . then, we had a 1 year old and lived in a tiny little trailer. Our house was far from finished. Homeschooling was still just a distant thought. Julia and Josiah weren't even born or thought of! Here we are, seven years down the road, with three precious souls in our care, all moved into our own home (which still isn't finished--but a lot closer than it was then! :)), keeping busy with school and all kinds of stuff. Our church has changed, things in our extended family have changed, our marriage has been through harder times than I imagined and has grown and become more beautiful as a result. We have changed. I'm thankful for this place to chronicle the journey.

Someday I hope to use one of those companies that turns a blog into a book or books. It would be fun to have a book made for each year of the blog, maybe. That way it would be easier to look back and enjoy our family history over these years. Thanks to all the friends, old and new, who read here and have followed along with our story! And I think it is kinda cool that Jim just happened to spontaneously bring me roses on March 14, even though he (and I) never thought of it being a milestone of any kind. :)


1HappyWife said...

The roses are beautiful!!!
Happy 7 years! Your blog was the first I ever heard of and the first I ever read! I think it has been a little over 5 years. I will have to go back and read some of your first posts. I love the blog for recording family memories!
What a great way to record all that the Lord has done!!
I love reading your blog :).

Nikki said...

Your roses are so pretty. That was so sweet of your hubby.

syds1girl said...

Wow! you've been blogging for some time! I agree, the blog book is such a neat idea. Yes, it would be a great way to look back at the years gone by.
Those roses were just beautiful, the colors so amazing. Really love reading your posts.