Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did we skip over spring?

We've been having crazy warm weather this week . . . no, make that *hot* weather. Yesterday was 84 degrees--definitely not a typical day for mid-March in NH! I'm wondering if we skipped over spring and went straight to summer? We've found buds on some trees, and the frogs are croaking in the pond. The chickens are loving this weather! They love foraging and roaming all over the yard--I imagine it is a treat after being in the coop most of the time during the winter. Although this winter was certainly milder than normal, too! So they really didn't have that many months of being cooped up.

This kind of weather always puts me in the mood to spring clean. And also to start sewing. I've done a little cleaning and decluttering (but there is always lots more to do!), and have planned some things to sew, although I haven't actually cut out anything or pulled out the machine yet. Hopefully by this weekend. Poor Josiah has been sick all this week, so our regular routine has been a little off. We've gotten school done every day except today, so at least we are pretty much keeping up with that.

I found this dress tutorial and I want to make one for Julia so bad! I don't think I'll be able to use the same fabric, though, much as I adore it. Too pricey. But I love the style, too, and would love to make her a dress or two like this for summer and/or Easter. So cute!

My new Sonlight catalog arrived today . . . happy sigh. :) I have so much fun browsing through it. Although I do miss all the book descriptions they used to put in there. (The descriptions are still available on their website, though.)

I wrote all that earlier, and now it's evening. Jim and the older kids are at church/Patch Club, and I am home with Josiah, who fell asleep on the couch watching a movie. So hopefully I can get him into bed soon, and hopefully he has a better sleep than he's had the rest of this week!

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Mrs. Smith said...

Yes, I believe we did skip over spring; winter too!

Hey dear buddy! I am so sorry to hear that little Josiah is sick! :( I pray that he gets to feeling better real soon. I hope you and everyone else stays well! Love you guys!