Thursday, December 01, 2011

Savoring the Season: Christmas Countdown, Day 24

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Today we started our Advent calendar that my mom made for us several years ago. Every pocket has a little slip of paper with a Christmas activity or idea written on it.

Today's activity was to hang a Christmas wreath. This is an easy one because I have 2 fake wreaths that I made a few years ago, and we just pull them out and hang them up every year. :)
I never got around to hanging up my fall wreath this year, so it was just a matter of taking down the spring(!!) grapevine wreath and hanging up these instead. They aren't really fancy, but they add a little touch of holiday cheer. It's starting to look a little more Christmasy around here now. :)


Homesteading Quest said...

I love the idea of having little slips of paper in the Advent calendar. We have always done little trinkets or something, but this is nice too.

Mrs. Smith said...

It is such a wonderful time of year, getting everything ready for Christmas! Your wreath looks nice.

I have been working around here trying to get things decorated. We have a giant artificial tree that takes some doing to get up,and we have gotten that accomplished--whew! Now, everything else will feel easy by comparison.

I like you new banner on your blog!