Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Book Review: Treasuring Emma, by Kathleen Fuller

Treasuring Emma was my first full-length novel by Kathleen Fuller, and it was a fun, easy read. So far the Amish stories I've read by Fuller don't delve as deeply into the Amish beliefs and practice as some other well-known authors of this genre, but they are still pretty good stories.

A quick synopsis: Emma is a young Amishwoman who has just lost her mother to cancer. Her father is also dead, and she lives with her aging grandmother. Emma is discouraged and somewhat bitter about the way her life has gone; besides losing her parents, she also lost the only man she ever loved, Adam, to the "English" world. When Adam suddenly reappears in her life, she guards her heart--after all, he made it clear years before that he felt nothing for her but friendship. Treasuring Emma a story of forgiveness and second chances as Adam sets out to earn Emma's trust and win her heart.

There was also a subplot in this book, involving Emma's sister and her personal struggles, and a "villain"--Mark King--who comes along, trying to make more trouble in Emma's family. I found that part of the story a little confusing, as it was unclear to me exactly what Mark was up to, and what he'd done in the past in trying to con other Amish families.

While I did enjoy this book, it's probably not one I'd pick up to read a second time. Another thing I'd like to note: back when I read Fuller's What the Heart Sees, there was a small excerpt from Treasuring Emma at the end. That excerpt did not appear anywhere in the actual book, and it seemed like the author must have changed the story from what she originally intended. It seemed kind of odd, but maybe this happens more than I realize.

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