Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer sewing plans

Over the past week or so I've been making a mental list of projects to tackle this summer. At the top of my list, of course, is whipping my house into shape. A little farther down the list are my sewing projects (or the ones I dream of doing)! Just today I stumbled across "Free Pattern Month" at Grosgrain, and . . . oh dear . . . I'm just going to have to download some of these! (Click the button below for more the link.)

Even though I never get as much sewing done as I think I'm going to, I have many lofty goals and ideas. I have tons of free downloaded patterns in a folder on my desktop already, along with a humongous stash of real paper patterns. And a fairly big stash of fabric, as well!

Here is what's on my list (so far) for the summer. It'll be interesting to see how much of this I actually accomplish. :)
  • Summer apron for me
  • Sleevless shirt for Julia
  • Capris for Julia (1-2 pair)
  • Skirt for me
  • Something to give away on my blog :)
  • Cushion and pillows for the bench project in the kids' room (which I haven't even started yet, though I have all the materials!)
  • Bedspread for Josiah
  • Possibly some stuff to sell on Etsy--burp cloths, nursing covers, etc.--that I've been thinking of trying to do for a while
There are probably more things that haven't come to mind yet, but I think this will give me plenty to keep busy!


Carrie said...

I would vote for the giveaway to be an apron :) nice seeing you on here again and getting updated, it has been way too long since I posted anything.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, those lists that we make for ourselves! But it is nice to dream & have goals to shoot for. Be sure to post pics of your finished projects - it's so fun to see them!

TwoMuths said...

Carrie, I need to make a list too! I have an entire dresser (gulp) plus two good sized bins of's been sitting there since the boys came. Well, I do get it out every once in awhile, but I need to use it or lose it! I think maybe some cloth napkins will be on my list - ours are looking pretty ratty and those are super quick! And perhaps this baby will be a girl so sewing might be more of a necessity this fall/winter. :-) Who knows?