Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lazy Saturday, and Linkables

Today has been quite the lazy day. Josiah came down with some kind of bug (or maybe something he ate??--hoping, since no one else has gotten it yet) and spent the morning alternating between sleeping and throwing up. There went my to-do list for the day! But sometimes it's good to have a reason to throw out the list and just spend time snuggling. I did lots of that today. :) We have also watched WAY more movies than usual. At the moment Josiah seems to be feeling lots better and has kept down saltines and ginger ale for a couple hours. So I'm hopeful that the worst is over! (**I wrote this part several hours ago and he threw up again just before bed . . . so we'll see how the night goes!**)

I finally got a couple of book reviews typed and posted, which was a good feeling. I love getting books for free, and I don't mind doing reviews (it's a great exchange!) but it just seems to take me a while to get them posted here. Now I can order some new ones! If you love to read and have a blog, you should check out some of the blogger review programs. I'm currently doing reviews for Thomas Nelson & Multnomah, and just ordered my first book for Bethany House's program. Their requirements are pretty much the same, and it's a fun way to get to check out new authors. Here are the links to these programs, for anyone who might be interested:
I'm pretty sure there are other blogger review programs out there as well, but these are the only ones I've personally used.

I was thinking today about how abundantly God has blessed us--in many ways, but here is just one example. We have been gifted with tons and tons of clothes for our kids; we rarely have to buy anything for them. I honestly love hand-me-downs; our kids are well-dressed in very nice clothes thanks to the generosity of others! Quite a while back, I was able to purchase a voucher for a box of clothes from ThredUP, a website where you can sell or purchase boxes of gently used children's clothing. These boxes normally cost $15.95, but at the time of the deal, I believe I paid a dollar or possibly two for the voucher. I had been waiting to use it, thinking about what I would need most for the kids. Julia was recently given 5 huge bags of clothes, plus we had been given a bunch more clothes for her a month or so ago, so she has clothes coming out her ears. With the boys, Josiah gets lots of Sam's hand-me-downs, so he didn't really need anything. I thought about Sam and realized he could use some more pants for next fall and winter. I found a box of 5 pair of size 8 pants--2 pair were jeans and the rest were corduroys or dress pants. All very good brands, and the seller had good reviews, so I purchased it earlier this week. The box arrived today, and I was VERY pleased with the pants. The seller had even thrown in an extra pair of jeans that she had found! If I had purchased these same pants at the local thrift store (which I love, by the way), I would have probably paid close to $30 unless I had store credit. So it was just another neat way that God provided something for a future need.

I have had babies on the brain lately (no, this is NOT an announcement of any kind! ;)). Three of my good friends have had babies in the past 2 weeks, plus my sister and sister-in-law are both expecting, so that's why baby-related things have been on my mind. Along the same line, I really enjoyed this post, The Joys of Home Birthing, at Passionate Homemaking . . . as well as Kendra's birth story this past week at New Life on a Homestead (Part 1 & Part 2). I always love reading about birth and other ladies' stories!

My bloggy friend Nikki (whom I have not yet met in real life, although I went to high school years ago with her husband and his sister!) just started a blog, Our Little Haven on the Hill, and I wanted to let you all know. I have enjoyed getting to "know" Nikki over the past few years through my blog, and now it is fun to get to know her and her family better through her blog! One of these days hopefully we can meet in person, as they live only a few hours or so from us.

Well, it's getting late and I'd better wrap up this post . . . and head to bed. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry your little guy isn't feeling well. Hope he is better soon.


Mary Ann said...

I hope Josiah is completely better by now & that the rest of you stay healthy!
Praise the Lord for His faithful provision for your family. He is so good to us :-)

Anonymous said...

When is Jo due? That is so exciting.. will this be #4? I have babies on my mind too.. although that is not an announcement either :( as much as I would LOVE that! A neighbor just had twin boys, I just finished making blueberry muffins and our favorite Kuchen recipe (turned into a muffin)to take down later today. My oldest girl is making banana muffins too. The rest of the kids are eagerly waiting the taste testing process :)
I love hand-me-downs and thrift stores too :) Although, I need to stay out of them and just go shopping in my attic :)
Have a great day! -Joey

TwoMuths said...

I hope Josiah is feeling better now! And that no one else succumbed! I also got a box from threadUP with some neutral gender cozy sleep sacks and a great pair of maternity pants in them - still a little big (and I need to hem them!) but I'm looking forward to wearing them later for sure! :-)

Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
I hope that Josiah is feeling better now.It is always so scary when little ones are sick.
I was suprised to read about me on your blog but I have been enjoying the company.:)Your blog was the first I EVER read, before that I had no idea what a blog was and I found you completely by accident.:)We love thrift stores and hand me downs too.In fact I just went through five bags of kids clothes that someone gave my hubby at work.That is always fun.:)Nikki