Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!!!

My Jim turned 34 today . . . now we are the same age again for a while. :) Today also marks exactly 14 years since we first laid eyes on each other--yes, we met on his birthday back in 1997--pretty cool, eh? More accurately, we didn't actually "meet" that day, but we did see each other for the first time. We were both too shy and didn't get to know each other until a bit later. However, Jim has always said he knew since that first day that he would marry me. :)

I love and appreciate my sweetie so much. He encourages me daily, willingly gives of himself to serve me and the kids, and works so hard for us. He is so skilled with his hands; I look around our house and still marvel at all the things he knows how to do. He puts up with me and loves me in spite of my failures. He is a great example to me as he spends time each day in God's Word and prayer. He is fun and adventurous, and he makes me laugh. :)

To celebrate his birthday, we had a special supper and carrot cake (his favorite). I had a little problem with the cake--I accidentally left out the baking soda--so it was more like a brick. Oh well, at least it still tasted right, the texture was just wrong! I hate it when I do stuff like that though! We also bought two small apple trees and planted them. We've been wanting to get some for a while, and Jim decided that would be a good thing to get for his birthday. Hopefully they will grow well and give us some good apples in the years ahead!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I love you!!!


Mary Ann said...

What a sweet post - happy birthday to your Jim!
I love how he says he always knew he would marry you. Mike says he always knew he would like to marry that the same thing? :-)
And I agree that it is a blessing to be married to someone who can build & make things. I get amazed, too. I think our hubbies would have lots in common if they ever met :-)
I'm not sure if you were in my Foods class but I had a similar cake disaster. I put in something like 2 T of baking powder instead of 2 tsp. It was bad; it looked bad & tasted bad but it got lots of laughs :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie!
What a sweet post. Happy Birthday to Jim and a late one to Julia! How is school going? -Joey

Carrie said...

Hi Joey! School is going well. I'm hoping to post about that soon. :) We have probably a couple more days to finish up math & handwriting, then just CATs to do after that. So we should be done by the end of this week! I am hoping to take a trip to the Montshire Museum to celebrate. :) Jim and the kids have never been there, and I know Sam would love it--he is such a little scientist at heart!

Hope school and everything else is going well for you guys, too!

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to Jim! And I think this is the post that you were worried Blogger ate? Glad to see it's back :-)