Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A snowshoe hike through the woods

Today was a busy day! This morning, Julia had her tooth extraction (which was rescheduled from about 3 weeks ago). She did very well with it, although she was somewhat scared during the process . . . but I was really proud of how well she kept her emotions in check, even though I could tell she was struggling with that! Anyway, after a special lunch at Burger King and some time spent window shopping at Toys R Us, we headed home.

After we got here, Jim had the idea that we should all go snowshoeing. Sounded good to me! I definitely needed some exercise to burn off the fast food. ;) Sam and Julia both have snowshoes, as do Jim and I. In fact, he got ours last year on good sales. Mine are light blue and he completely surprised me with them. Aren't they pretty? :) Josiah doesn't have any (yet), but he was able to walk just fine on top of the crust, most of the time. In fact, Julia ended up ditching hers after a little while and she just walked, too. She got along faster that way.
{pointing out some deer tracks}
{the three little yahoos--if you look closely or click to enlarge you can see the new hole in Julia's smile!}
{silly Sam--always hamming it up for the camera--he wouldn't leave me alone till I took a picture of him like this}
Even though we didn't go too far or stay out long, it was really nice to do this as a family and get some good fresh air and exercise!! And some fun pictures. :) It's also nice that we've got plenty of snow still to be able to use our snowshoes on! (Even though I'm really looking forward to spring, too. :))


Mary Ann said...

It looks like you had a fun time! I've often thought that if I could go cross country skiing I wouldn't hate the snow so much. It doesn't usually stick around here long enough though.
Good job, Julia! She is such a trooper. Dental stuff is no fun. Is she all done now?

Carrie said...

I love cross country skiing too, but unfortunately our property isn't too good for that (it's basically a mountain out behind our house!).

Yes, Julia is ALL DONE now!!!!! Yay!!!! I need to schedule cleanings for all the kids soon, but other than that we are done with dentists for a while, Lord willing. :) So thankful!

Hope you have a great day!

Mrs.T said...

I think the gap in Julia's smile is rather cute! What a fun idea to go for a snowshoe hike after her ordeal.

SarahBee said...

I hope you had fun snowshoeing! Julia looks cute with her tooth out! :) Praise the Lord that Julia was brave to have that tooth pulled!