Thursday, December 02, 2010

Resole America: A review

For quite some time now, my dear husband has been wanting to get his cowboy boots resoled. He has two pair of boots, and would love to get them both done, but with a tight budget he decided to make his black pair (the dressier pair that he likes to wear to church) the priority. He's been checking into several different resoling companies online, and after some research, he decided to send his black boots in to Resole America. (This decision was primarily influenced by the fact that they were having an excellent promotion where he could receive money back for posting before/after pictures, writing a review, and even shooting a short video about his boots. Pretty cool!! :))

As you can see, the boots originally had leather soles. Pretty typical cowboy boot soles. They looked okay, but if he tried to wear these in the winter, well . . . around here they could be downright dangerous. :) With a slick sole like this they had absolutely no traction in the snow, or worse yet, on ice.
So, he wanted to get them resoled with a nice Vibram lug sole. Not your typical cowboy boot sole! We sent them in to Resole America several weeks ago. The boot resoling process is supposed to take around 8-10 days. It took a tiny bit longer for Jim's boots because of the Thanksgiving holiday, plus they had to order some special parts to do the job right. So we just got them back today. And this is what they look like now!
Wow, what a difference. Jim is a happy camper tonight! He is really thrilled with how nice they turned out. The guys at Resole America did a fantastic job--the soles look like they've always been there. And winter traction? Not going to be a problem anymore! The boots are also more comfortable than they ever were before with the old soles. If any of you (or your hubbies :)) are in the market for some new soles, be sure to check out this great company!

Thank you, Resole America, for a job well done!!

Full disclosure: Resole America is reimbursing us $10.00 for writing this review. All opinions expressed are our own!

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