Thursday, December 02, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: 23 Days!

Today we went grocery shopping in preparation for my in-laws' visit (they arrive tomorrow morning!!!) . . . we did some other errands too, so it was a busy day. But we still found time to put up the Christmas tree this evening. The kids were beside themselves with excitement! It isn't completely decorated yet, but we will hopefully finish that tomorrow. I will say that the lower branches are VERY well decorated. :) And the train beneath it adds a finishing touch!
I have always loved Christmas . . . I love it even more now that we have children who are old enough to really enjoy it. I love seeing Christmas through their eyes.

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Mary Ann said...

Fun, fun, fun! My sister has said the same thing this year - their kids are just the right age to start remembering traditions from year to year & they have been so excited. Sweet memories in the making!