Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: 15/14 Days!

Oops . . . I knew I was bound to miss a day sooner or later! So today will have to count for two. :) I thought it would be fun to show you some of my snowmen. I love pretty much anything decorative that is themed with snowmen or snowflakes! In the past few months, Jim has built me some new shelves in the living room for pictures and decorations. I had so much fun adding some Christmas "pretties" to them! Here you can see snowmen on each end of the top shelf. There is also a Christmas tree box on the lower shelf, and you can see part of this year's Jesse tree.
Here is another shelf he just built a few weeks ago. This is part of the trim for our bedroom doorway. It's a perfect place to display a picture or two, or some other decorations. I added two more stuffed snowmen up there, plus a large and small "Mitford" snowman, a little "S'more" guy, and a glass snowman ornament. It's one of my favorites, but I don't dare hang it on the tree--too heavy and too breakable with little ones around. :)
Decorating the living room for Christmas has been more fun than ever before, now that I have all these nifty places to put stuff! Jim and his dad also hung up my homemade garland and a string of lights. I love how it looks against the pine ceiling--so homey!


Mrs.T said...

Everything looks so pretty! I envy you those decorative shelves! And the garland looks absolutely gorgeous against the pine ceiling.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! Makes me a little ashamed of my lack of effort this year...
My mom is crazy about snowmen - I'll have to post a couple of pics of her collection if I get a chance!