Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on Julia

I wanted to update you all on Julia and thank you again for your thoughts and prayers! She had her appt. with the pediatric dentist on Monday afternoon. He was very nice and so were the assistants--2 ladies who were so patient with Julia even though she really freaked out when it was time to take an x-ray!

The short story is that she has to have at least 3 teeth extracted, which will be done via oral surgery at the hospital next Monday. The dentist was also concerned about her jaw, and the possibility that they would need to do surgery on it, but after looking over the x-ray and consulting with an oral surgeon, they feel it will heal fine on its own. Praise God!!! The main reason the dentist wants to do the extraction in the OR is due to her age. It will just be less traumatic for her (and I’m sure also easier for him!) to take those teeth out while she is under general anesthesia. He will also fix several cavities that she has, at the same time. A nurse from the hospital is supposed to call me tomorrow with all the pre-op information. I think the hardest thing will be that she won’t be able to eat or drink anything for a while before the surgery. Poor girl is sure to be HUNGRY. Hopefully they will be able to do the surgery fairly early in the morning. I haven’t been told a time yet, but I’m sure I will find that out tomorrow.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. :) Even though this seems “big” to us, it is really just a small thing when I think about what a lot of other people go through with their kids’ health. We are so blessed to have healthy children! Please continue to pray that Julia will be calm on the day of the surgery and that all will go smoothly with her recovery afterwards! I’ll be sure to post an update sometime after Monday. :)


Linda said...

Yes, your so right your children are very healthy. God will give the strength as needed. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.


Mary Ann said...

I'm grateful that you do have healthy kids; they seem to be growing & thriving! But accidents happen & it is kind of a big thing. Surgery is never not a big deal. I will be praying for Julia & all of you. Monday is sure to be a long day. I will pray that her surgery can be done early & that Julia won't be afraid. I'm so glad that the Lord answered our prayers for a kind, wise dentist to work on her.