Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting stars

Just wanted to remind everyone about the Perseids meteor showers that are going on right now--mid-August is always a great time to go out and look for shooting stars, if the sky is clear!! Jim and I love to have a star-gazing date (completely free and so fun and romantic!) every August. Last night would have been the best night, but of course I forgot all about it till today! It should still be great tonight, though. We went stargazing last week and saw at least 5 shooting stars in the course of an hour, even then. If you live in a place where there aren't too many city lights, take out a couple of lawn chairs (or a blanket or air mattress if you want to avoid a stiff neck), and spend an hour or two watching the night sky and talking. It's seriously one of the best dates ever! I think tonight we will add chocolate cake and milk to make it even better . . . :)

This would also be a great family activity/astronomy lesson, if you don't mind keeping the kids up late!

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Mrs.T said...

This should make you feel better about missing watching for meteors last night... I went out twice, once around 12:30 and once around 2:30, and the sky was so cloudy that only a very few stars -- like two or three -- were visible. Tonight should be better! Thanks for reminding everyone!

Carrie said...

Yeah, tonight was pretty good! We didn't stay out long since Jim has to work tomorrow. But we saw around 6-7 in about half an hour. If I happen to wake up in the wee hours I might go out and look again. But at that hour of the morning my eyes are usually too bleary to see anything clearly . . . :)