Monday, August 09, 2010


On Saturday, I celebrated eleven years (!!) of marriage to my best friend. We had a wonderful relaxing day, exploring another little spot of NH beauty: Long Pond. The kids were so excited that we packed a picnic and ate on this wooden deck by the water. (They love picnics, and the fact that we brought the actual picnic basket, not just the cooler, made it extra exciting. :)) It was a perfect day, and we got some fun new pictures too!

I thought it would be fun to list 11 reasons I love my husband, in honor of our 11th anniversary. :)

1. He loves God and is constantly trying to grow in his Christian walk.
2. He tries to do the right thing, even when it's not the easy thing.
3. He is very talented in so many practical areas. He can build or fix almost anything!
4. He is a good listener.
5. He has a great sense of humor!
6. He is very protective of me and the kids.
7. He is generous and cares for the needs of others.
8. He is a fantastic daddy to our little ones!
9. He loves (almost) everything I cook. :)
10.He is a country boy.
11. He still loves me after 11 years! :)

There are many more reasons I could list, but we'll stop at eleven for this year. :) I also thought it would be fun to link to our love story, which I posted way back in my first year of blogging. Most of you have probably read it, but for those who haven't . . . this will give you the scoop on how a New Hampshire girl and Ohio boy, living in Wisconsin and South Carolina, met and fell in love.

So . . . happy anniversary to us!! :)


Alicia said...

11 years?!? Wow! Praise God for the way He led you together and is keeping you together for His glory!

Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

Happy's to many more happy years!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! You guys look so sweet in that pic :-)

Mrs.T said...

Yes -- happy, happy anniversary. Where have those years gone? And the picture is just great!

Kara said...

I loved #9- that he loves (almost) everything you cook. That is great. :) Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

Jessie said...

Congratulations! So good to see.

Tammy L said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)